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belize to san antone

yesterday, this ‘nine years ago’ today picture came up on my facebook feed (which, for the record, i still check once every couple of days although no more posting). gave me pause.


scott downing some kind of something with a beer in an on-the-water-bar in belize. he was so happy. we were so happy. and then today, landing in san antonio and driving past so much that we shared, the wave of sadness hit me. of missing. of not being able to say remember when… or wasn’t that funny? the loss. we spent an awful lot of time in san antonio before kids. he had a client here and we had seminars here. he always looked forward to his bbq meat here. one easter day, gosh it must have been 23 or more years ago, we drove out to new braunfels and rented a couple of tires to go down the ‘mighty’ guadalupe, which in reality was more like a lazy river. had been expecting some rapids. but it was cool. afterwards we went to some outdoor place for brunch and that’s when we realized it was easter cause loads of families all dressed up waited in line. we scooted right in — just two of us. it was a beautiful day. and now i share it with you.

the apartment they put us up in was pretty horrible. not far from the airport, smelled of cigarette smoke and mildew, no furniture except for a bed, ratty towels. but we didn’t spend a whole lot of time there. while he worked, i ambled around town and then we met up and haunted some music places. i think the last time we came, i was pregnant with mo, and couldn’t take the apartment for very long.

so now mo is just getting on the plane in asheville. she’ll be here in a few hours (connection in charlotte) and we will make new adventures together. cute airbnb, in the old german section of town that i used to walk around, just looking at the cool old homes. original art on the walls. loft bed. cute.

for the hell of it: here’s a pic scott took of me and my one-legged pilot while we both flew through the air on different ultralights. he definitely knew how to show me a good time. i miss him.