evie altman
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cold day in san antonio

trees of san antonio missions.

edible artistic chocolate in san antonio.

neat scenes around san antonio that we couldn’t spend too much time looking at cause it’s 33 friggin degrees out.

interesting grave markers in san antonio (most were pretty nondescript. and caucasian…)

mo blowing the bellows and checking out a mission church in san antonio.

art i bought in san antonio. a ‘trashy room’ piece buy sally ozuna. first saw her stuff at this same place (san angel folk art gallery) twelve years ago when i was giving a seminar here. loved the pieces, but no way could i afford any of them — nor did we have a place to put one. often thought about both the pieces and the gallery, and, coincidentally, we are staying a 10 minute walk from there now. still don’t have a place to put it (will figure that out), but i can afford it. so ka-ching, this one is now mine! will be shipped home