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a lot of the exhibitors at the American Craft Council yearly show display amazing stuff. woodwork, ceramics, glass, metal-smithing, wearable art, etc. however, a good number of exhibitors spit out their products like an assembly line. not hard to separate art from blatant commercialization, but they’re both intermixed on the convention center floor, which is huge and massive and exhausting. find myself passing by some stuff i’d usually take a longer look at, just cause i’m beat and seen too much already. BUT, lots to admire too. so lookee here.

purchased two items. these earrings by ian henderson (business called zoa chimerum), cause, well, look at them. so intriguing. and this ceramic bowl by ruchi gupta. the bottom quote says “i don’t want to end up simply having visited this world.” first saw her at the show last year, watching her instagram, and keep thinking about how sweet and whimsical her work makes me feel. now i own one. cool!

oh, and i finished the kitchen keep-the-dogs-out-gate. routed inside of 1”x4”s, stuck them together, inserted 1/4” panel (cut), screwed/glued, and then painted and sealed. what i’d do different? use a 2”x4” and just rout a track instead. also, not use acrylic marker for the side lines — they run. lessons learned.