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we’re in slovenia.

been a while since i’ve written here: the second half of march and first part of april were lost to the flu (big time) during which i the total of my creation was this ditty:

oh flu, i prostrate myself to you. you humble me, exhaust me, make me light headed and congested. you occupy all my thoughts and keep me bedded.

influenza, with my shower floor you melt me into a frenzy, eye to eye with that polka dotted drain perfectly situated for coughing up my innards, giving tissues temporary asylum (on box three).

back on the mattress, ashy tissues the perfect canvas for pantone hues reminiscent of an everglades swamp or sawdust on a happier day.

no no, i won’t subject you to any more of it. suffice it to say: i had a really shitty few weeks and the fatigue remains.

BUT, here we are in ljubljiana, capital of slovenia! proud of their art nouveau:

and their art, generally. soon after slovenia became its own country in 1991, artists took over an old army barracks. continues evolving today.

then there’s this castle — overlooks the whole town. up on top, even more impressive.

today we head to the northeast part of the country (small, so just a couple hours away). and the sun has arrived too.

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