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bob the mirror man

back in october, when i took mo and lauryn to meet bob benson at his house in glen burnie, he promised to hold a special workshop for us over the holiday break. bob is in his late eighties, and he so obviously enjoys sharing his art. he’s truly a gracious, lovely person.

his pieces grace the American Visionary Art Museum, where I first heard about him.

and his yard and house look even more beautiful. he has an infinity room and mirror art everywhere. really cool place.

so sunday, mo, marxe, satch, lauryn, luis, and i had a three-plus hour mirror workshop. we cut the mirrors and made what bob calls “flashies,” which are mobile-like mirror concoctions.

the final pieces, settling into their glue and hanging around the house.

another wonderful experience with another amazing person. this 2016 capital gazette article profiles bob. good read.