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labor day

days like today remind me of labor day in boston my senior year. rainy at the reservoir. anticipating the future but also lonely and not wanting summer to end and get cold and lose the sun and heat. loneliness is such a powerful emotion. one of the most. even if we feel good about ourselves. like Carey said, connecting to other people is the most important thing. or one of them.

and tomorrow satch goes back to school too and i need to move forward. feels like i’m staring at a blank piece of paper, deciding how to fill it. so many choices, so many options.

back to working out daily, reading, art. i can work on the memory/morality identity piece. and maybe make something really whimsical. the asylum piece sits on the table. what to do with it? could look to enter it in something else. eh, that’s a pain.

re-watched the first season of derry girls before binging the second. netflix. good show. also about connecting and living, while the world around you goes crazy. laughed out loud a few times. miss it now that i’ve finished. want those kids (weans, pronounced wains) to remain a part of my existence.

goodbye summer.