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ebony and snow

feeling somewhat hypocritical for posting “protectiveness” on fbook. but only there will everyone see it. wish I didn't have to, but it is what it is.

snow stopped here, and they’re saying it’s the most we’ve had since that storm on 24 january 2016, when scott died. twinge of annoyance — hope this one doesn’t beat that in total inches, if only because that one should stay remarkable for everyone else too.


my front sculpture looks pretty cool in the snow, though.


before mo flew back to school, i took her to the baltimore museum of art to see what i thought was a large exhibition by ebony g. patterson, this incredible multimedia collage artist from Jamaica. not so large, but still impressive. in one room, “…and babies too…”, a 10’ x 5’ piece lay flat on a waist-high table. filled with glitter, children’s toys, decorated cast-glass shoes. a memorial to children killed in violent crimes, the piece dazzles and certainly engaged the elementary-aged school group arriving at the same time as us.


in another room across the way, ms. patterson responded to this 1801 painting by Joshua Johnson, the first african american to make a living from painting, a resident of baltimore. a boy with his dog and toy gun.

the BMA website says she is “examining how toys condition children for adult roles, uneven power relationships, and violent futures.” titled “an intervention … . made for kids,” this piece affected mo so deeply that she had to leave the room.


thought provoking and incredibly detailed. i would love to see more of her work, but it doesn’t seem to be around here. she currently has a solo exhibition at the Perez Art Museum Miami, through 5 May. worth hiking down there? could be…. anyone want to join me for a day?