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one area anyone who appreciates street art MUST get to in san juan— around Calle Cerra. murals and some yarn bombing by local artists adorn everything from gates to signs to empty lots to walls. we each had different favorites, but here are mine.

perfect compliment to the art: amazing doughnuts at Kudoughs, also right on calle cerra. heard a rock bank practicing in a building nearby, but the best part are these amazing doughnuts, with flavors like guava manchego, tres leches, garden passionfruit, bacon cheesecake, nutella. yes, over two trips we tried all those. sooo gooood. 

car evolved

car evolved

meanwhile, our inn, about two miles from calle cerra, was just two blocks from the beach. it’s atmosphere is warm and filled with coqui frog calls all night among the trees, bushes, fountains. some of the people there were cool and some weird: one older guy from alexandria (va) kept calling me a tiger mom (?). the showers went hot cold hot cold hot cold every 30 seconds or so. but staff was truly helpful and sweet. 

about half way between calle cerra and our inn — museum of art of puerto rico, which had some awesome pieces and a beautiful garden out back. mo and i got there the last day.

this was a really good holiday trip.