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it's shaving day!

hairy legs and armpits. hairy for me is different than for mo and lots of others, first of all cause the hair is blond and doesn’t really show up unless you look closely. but it does get caught up in socks and clingy work-out pants.

especially in the cold, i don’t care much about shaving. used to have to. scott and i compromised way back in 1993 that he would be the one to ask me to marry him (instead of the other way around — don’t remember now why this was important to me) and i would shave my legs a minimum of once a month. he liked the feel of my shaved legs. or maybe he liked the idea of it. i don’t know.

close up hairy leg (my yoga view)

close up hairy leg (my yoga view)

anyway, i kept to that deal while he was alive, but since he died, no way. sometimes i go for months without shaving. but on monday we go to puerto rico and i would like to not have sand caught up in my leg hairs so i will shave today. and i do like the smooth feeling, but have always thought the shaving itself was such a pain.

tattoo still looks good, right?

i could post an after pic, but you all know what a shaved leg looks like.

end of exciting shaving story.