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women say sorry

women say Sorry

installation, 3 X 2.5 m room   .   wood, acrylic, glitter, foam core, ribbon, fabric, re-purposed rug, and other assorted items   .   (2015)

Playing ice hockey with 30 plus other women, the word sorry spurted from our mouths so often that it banged me upside the head. Ridiculous, right? Can't imagine men playing hockey saying sorry when they miss a pass or check one another. Got me to thinking.

Then Amy Schumer aired a hilarious sketch about four women, top in their respective fields, devolving into sorries during a panel discussion. Yeah, time for a piece. 

Began as a carved totem pole, but when the next Artomatic was announced, I decided to go full blow installation again. Immediately, the feedback has been commiserating and positive. Created an accompanying website for the duration of the six-week exhibit (womensaysorry.com). By the time I de-installed, hundreds of people had interacted, sharing their own experiences with the word. Why/when do you say sorry, and what should you really be saying?