evie altman
art and stuff



61 cm high X 38 cm diameter   .   cotton, lint, polymer clay, cast poly-vitro, LEDs, wood, steel, heavy-gauge wire, acrylic   .   (2019)

envisioned a tornado of angst a few years ago, and it’s been bopping around my brain. finally brought it to fruition, formed around my feelings of protectiveness of my kids, especially during this current administration. yes, bad things/people exist. yes, moms experience biochemical reactions that promote feelings of overwhelming love and fierce protectiveness. yes, life events bring pain and death. this very personal piece represents what i wish to shield my kids from.

some of the symbols are obvious: a dollar sign, an ak-47, a republican elephant sitting on a swastika with trump hair. others not so obvious: a large wave, representing the one which killed scott; a giant rat that’s appeared in our house; a defaced transgender flag.

LED lights help bring it alive. i’m proud of this one.