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inside lamps

inside Lamps

13 X 13 X 61 cm   .   acrylic, beads, and glitter on wood, with LEDs inside   .   (2010)

20 X 20 X 46 cm   .   acrylic, beads, and liquid glass on wood, with LED inside   .   (2010)

51 X 36 cm   .   acrylic, clay, cotton, glitter, and assorted found objects on wood   .   (2011)

Got it into my head to make a series of indoor lamps, using different lighting. The small one was shown at National Airport 1 March - 30 June 2011 as part of Artomatic Takes Flight. There's a multicolored LED lamp inside the box that gives it a psychedelic air.  The medium one looks completely different at dusk or at night compared to daytime: I used small, red LED lights to give it the inner glow. Inside the tall one  one is another multicolor LED light, which bounces off the glitter in the dark.