evie altman
art and stuff



couch table

30 X 30 X 60 cm   .   acrylic on wood   .   (2019)

Got rid of some unnecessary furniture in re-organizing the living room. Drinks can sit on this comfortably while we site on the couch comfortably!

entry bench

117 X 30 X 46 cm   .   acrylic on wood   .   (2019)

Shoes, hats, gloves need a place to rest. Realized after I finished that the top piece should rest on the sides, but oh well.

coffee table

120 X 85 X 61 cm   .   acrylic on wood   .   (2010)

Another furnishing for our basement. The horizontal part is one big piece, cut and painted to look like multi-colored stones.

kitchen gate

81 X 81 cm   .   wood, acrylic, polyurethane   .   (2019)

Keeping the dogs out, letting the light in.

desk (for satch)

91 X 91 X 244 cm   .   wood and varnish   .   (2010)

Couldn't find something I liked for Satch's room, so with some plans my dad created, I put this together. The drawer was the hardest.

desk (basement)

122 X 244 X 180 cm   .   acrylic on wood   .   (2010)

Redid our basement -- needed a place for the kids' computer. Had to decorate.

marxe's bed

1.2 X 2.2 X 1.2 m   .   wood   .   (2013)

Marxe bred bearded dragons for a while, making for a very crowded room. This set up helped.

platform bed with cabinets

1.35 X 2.2 X .75 m   .   wood   .   (2016)

We turned Scott's basement office into a guest bedroom after he died. This platform bed fit in perfectly, and his Giants blanket stays with it always.

kitchen mobile work tables and shelving

wood   .   acrylic   .   (2011)