evie altman
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asylum, please

asylum, please

122 cm diameter   .   wood, plaster, polyvitro, acrylic, gold leaf   .   (2019)

we must assist refugees and immigrants. because most of our own ancestors arrived from foreign lands. because studies demonstrate immigrants’ and refugees’ positive effect on our culture and society. because these individuals and families have nowhere else to turn. most of all, our moral responsibility dictates we help because U.S. actions directly cause the danger they face in their homelands.

created using wood left over from previous projects. the maelstrom, from which many hands reach for help and one wrist shines in defiance, sits within jagged, gold-tipped pieces representing land masses, incarceration, and ultimately, hope.

big departure for me. taking a chance, and it turned out ok. don’t expect to change minds: maybe provoke a thought or two?